What To Do When You Are Locked Out of WordPress Admin area 2022 most useful method!


What To Do When You Are Locked Out of  WordPress Admin area

WordPress is now mostly used cms all over the world. So different types of problems will appear and it’s normal. So we often see users get locked out of the WordPress admin area. There are many reasons for getting locked out of the admin panel. But the most common reason is, users often forgot their password and they don’t have access to their WordPress mail.

So now let’s come to its solution. Forgetting passwords is a normal issue. But if we get locked out of WordPress admin areas we just lose our website. It means you can’t reply to your website’s comments, you can’t publish posts, can’t analyze and take necessary steps for better SEO, and more….. So it means you don’t own the website anymore. But don’t worry, we have the solution. But this solution requires you to have Cpanel access to your website. If you really own the website then you should have Cpanel access. If you are reading this article to hack WordPress websites, then you are in the wrong place.

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First of all, let’s see the reasons you may get locked.

Why can’t I get into my WordPress admin?

There may be many reasons to get locked. I don’t want to make this article lengthy by adding unnecessary words. So let’s see the reasons at a glance.

  1. Lost Admin Privileges
  2. Problems with Plugins
  3. Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting
  4. Incorrect Password Issue

So now in this position, we know about the reasons. Now it’s time to fix these problems and get access to the admin area.

Lost Admin Privileges

Most of cases users forgot their WordPress admin panel password. So Let’s fix this problem first. As I already said you should have cpanel access for every method in this article. So first log in to your cpanel. Then you will find an option named “phpMyAdmin”. Just open it

Locked Out of WordPress Admin area

Then you will find an option like this.

I hope you will find this option. Now you have to add a new user in here with your custom password and you are done.

Now go to wp-admin and then login with this user id and password and boom!!!! you successfully recovered you WordPress admin panel.

So our first solution is finished.

If you don’t understand this, just leave a comment, and we will give you proper instructions with a video or more useful ways to solve this problem.

Problems with Plugins

In some cases, after installing a new plugin our WordPress site looks like this-

With my experience, on this website nfdwp.com, I have experienced such a problem like this. I installed a crack plugin and then this problem first time appear to me. This is such a confusing problem because this doesn’t give any clue what the main problem is. But in most cases, the problem appears with plugins. So to get unlocked from the WordPress admin panel, we have to identify that specific plugin and deactivate it.

But for deactivating a plugin, we have to log in to our admin panel. But we are already locked out of the WordPress admin panel. So we have to deactivate plugins from Cpanel. Deactivating plugins from Cpanel is not a very tough thing. Check out this post to see how to deactivate plugins from Cpanel –

Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting

This problem is not very common, but still some users face this problem. Actually, this problem is not a problem with your website.


Image source – google.com

You can see in this video that when the user tries to log in it just refreshes the page and it won’t let you enter the admin panel. So what can we do?

First, you have to know what is the problem. This is not a problem with your website or WordPress script. This problem occurs for invalid login cookies in your system. So now follow these steps to fix it. Or you may change your browser for it. But if you don’t want to change your browser then follow these steps –

First of all, go to more tools> clear browsing data –
Locked Out of WordPress Admin area Locked Out of WordPress Admin area

Now clear cookies and other site data.

Now click on clear data and I hope your problem will fix now.

Incorrect Password Issue

This is the most annoying issue of WordPress. In this case, you enter the right password to log in to wp-admin but it shows that your password is wrong. But you’re sure that your password is correct. In this case, we have to follow the same method already discussed in this article. You have to go to your cpanel> phpMyAdmin and then you have to add a new user or you can change the password of an existing user.

So just go on to phpMyAdmin and then change the password of your existing admin account or add a new admin user for your WordPress site.


We have tried to show you almost all possible fixes related to this issue. If you suffer from other problems with this issue or If you don’t understand any type of method mentioned in this article please leave a comment, and we will give you proper instructions and publish an extra detailed article for you.

Thanks for reading this article. For learning more about WordPress please visit our website regularly. I hope you will learn something unique.

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Locked Out of WordPress Admin area Locked Out of WordPress Admin area